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Spring Term 1 -

This half term we will be going back in time to find out about how technology has changed. We will be interviewing some adults to find out about the technology they used when they were younger. To prepare for this we will write some questions down to ask them. 

In Art we will be learning about the life and work of Picasso. We will find out why he is famous and have a go at producing our own artwork inspired by Picasso.

In Science we will be learning about materials and their uses. At the beginning of the topic we will think of some questions that we want to investigate about materials. Then we will plan and carry out our investigations. 

In RE we will be learning about Jesus and what he taught people. We will be discussing parables and thinking about why Jesus told certain parables.  

In Computing we will be using Keynote to produce a presentation about what we have learnt about technology. We will also have our half termly e-safety lesson which will focus on being kind online. 

We will be learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood and trying to improve it by adding adjectives and adverbs. We will be learning about suffixes in spelling and trying hard to remember all of the different rules! By the end of the half term we will write some of our own stories using interesting vocabulary.