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Spring Term 2 -


This half term we will be continuing with our 'Time Machine' topic. We will be learning all about the Romans! 

In writing lessons we will be learning about non-fiction writing so that we can write a historical report about the Romans.  We will also be learning about conjunctions, contractions, suffixes and homophones. Now that we have learnt much of the grammar for the year we will be focusing on applying this knowledge in our writing. 

In Science we will be continuing to learn about the properties of materials and their uses. We will find out about reversible and irreversible changes by carrying out a series of experiments.  

In Music we will be learning how to compose a piece of music inspired by the Romans. To begin with we will use glockenspiels and use symbols to record our ideas. Then we will include other instruments in the piece.

We will continue to learn about Picasso in Art and will focus on creating pictures in a similar style to his art work. This half term we will be thinking about similarities and differences between our work and Picasso’s. 

As Easter is approaching we will be learning all about the Easter story in RE. We will also learn about the Hindu festival of Holi and compare the two festivals.