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Summer 1 - Explorers

This term has been themed around Explorers. In History we have really enjoyed learning about Christopher Columbus. We started by thinking of questions that we wanted answered. From there, we used websites, books and fact sheets to learn all about him. We also learnt how to place all of the events and eras we have learnt about this year onto a timeline which was very interesting.


In RE we have had the opportunity to think about and appreciate special people. We discussed who is special in our lives and then learnt about special people of faith such as Jesus, St Francis and Paul (previously known as Saul). We found out why these people were special and considered what we can learn from them.


In Science we have been learning all about plants, how they grow and their life cycle. We all looked after our own Bean plant, watched it grow and kept a diary to record our observations. This topic has given us lots of opportunities to do experiments. For example, we planted 4 pots of cress but each missing one thing and we looked at whether a plant can grow without any of them.


Art has been brilliant this term because we have been lucky enough to have a professional artist work with us every Tuesday afternoon. She has taught us lots of skills and techniques to become creative artists. We have focused on Claude Monet, learning about him and creating art work in his style using a variety of tools and materials.