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Autumn Term 2 - A Journey Through Time


This term we have been focusing on the Christmas Story. In Literacy and RE we retold the Christmas Story in our own words. We were also busy preparing for the Christmas play. Class 3 were the angels and shepherds.

We also learnt about the Victorians and really enjoyed our Victorian day! We learnt how to play Victorian games, sing the national anthem, to write our spellings with chalk and how to sew. Mr Wilkes dressed up as a Victorian teacher with a cap and gown!

In History we learnt about the different toys the Victorians had and explained how they are different to our toys today. It was also brilliant to learn about how the Christmas tree was brought over by Prince Albert from Germany.

In Science we learnt about seasons - including what the weather is like, what happens to the plants in different seasons and we also thought about what we should wear during the winter.