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Spring Term 2 - Fire! Fire!


We will be continuing our learning about the Great Fire of London. We love looking at Samuel Pepys' diary to find out what happened during this time in London. 

In Music we are learning how to sing 'London's burning' in 2 parts. This is really tricky but we never give up and we keep on trying! We also love singing London's bridge is falling down and we enjoy changing words to this song to make up our own. 

In Science we are continuing to learn about materials and we are busy planning investigations using a variety of materials. Our first investigation is about the strength of a bridge. We have already designed our bridge in groups and next week we are going to make the bridges and test the strength using toy cars. 

In RE we have been learning about Shrove Tuesday and Lent. Next we will be learning about the Easter story and we are planning to write the story in our own words. 

In Geography we have been learning the capital cities of the U.K. Even though this has been tricky we are persevering to remember them. We are also learning about the weather patterns in the U.K. and the 'Met Office' are coming in to our class to talk to tell us more about the weather. 

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