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Summer Term 2

This half term our topic is the 'Olympics.' 

In Geography, we have already started planning the questions that we would like to find out about the 'Olympics.' We will be looking at some of the games that are played in the Olympics and we are planning a healthy meal for an athlete. We will also be learning about the UK and comparing it this to USA. We shall be looking at the similarities and differences between these two countries. 

In Science, we will be encouraging the pupils to start planning their own experiments. We will be learning how to plan out, and then record our results. Our first experiment will be about plants and we will discuss the best place to grow plants in our results. Next, we will plan an experiment about how to keep ice frozen the longest. The pupils will be making observations and will be discussing their findings in a group. 

In Literacy we will be working on editing our work, and trying to improve what we have written. We will be consolidating our knowledge of capital letters and full stops, and using these in our writing. We are also planning to complete some non-fiction writing about the Olympics as well as story writing. 

In RE we are learning about religion in Cornwall. We will be learning about local festivals as well as Celtic crosses and standing stones. 

In PE we are busing practicing for Sports Day! We will be practicing running and variety of team games. Later in the term we will continue to practice our tennis skills. 

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