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Autumn Term 1 - Me, Myself and I.


This term we are very busy settling into our new class, and learning new routines. We are now learning our spellings for a test every Friday.

  We are starting the year by comparing numbers, and using language such as more than, fewer than and the same as. We are also trying to explain our answers and give a reason why. We will also be learning our number bonds in Maths as well doubles and halves. In Literacy we are learning how to write sentences with capital letters and full stops as well as starting to join up our handwriting. In Music we are singing a variety of songs, and learning to recognise high and low notes.  We will be listening to a variety of pieces of music and discussing how it makes us feel.  In Science we are learning about ourselves. We have been learning about the different parts of the body and what our senses are for. We will be starting to identify different animals, and some of their characteristics. In RE we will be learning about Jesus and who he was. We will hopefully be visiting the Church to find out about the features within the building.  In Art we are starting to learn to draw people, and being as accurate as we can.