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Autumn Term 2 - Polar Adventure


This term we will be focusing on a topic called Polar Adventure. Using 'Be Brave Little Penguin' and 'Little Polar Bear' we will look at the Arctic and Antarctic regions and compare them to hot countries.

In Literacy and RE we will also retell the Christmas Story in our own words. As it gets closer to the end of term we will also be working hard preparing for our KS1 Christmas play, practising how to sing in unison and use confident voices to speak to an audience.

In Maths we will be learning about positions, knowing our left from our right and numbers to 20.

In Art and DT we will be learning how to sew, design our own calendars and comment on our designs and make them even better.

In Science we will learn about seasons - including what the weather is like, what happens to the plants in different seasons and we also thought about what we should wear during the winter. We will also continue our work on animals and being able to describe the different types and be able to categorise them correctly depending on their structure and what they eat.


Topic Letter Front.PNG