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Summer Term 1 2017/18

This term we are learning about Cornwall. We will be thinking about what makes Cornwall special, and why there is so much fishing, surfing and boating activities in the county. We will be using maps to find out about our county, and where it is in the UK. We will be using maps to look at natural and map made features. We will also be learning about directional language. 


We will be finding out a little about Richard Trevithick, and the Puffing Devil. We will be writing a newspaper report describing the events that happened.


We will be busy learning songs and words  for our class play which we will be performing to parents and carers at the end of the half term. 

In Science we are learning about plants. We will hopefully go for a walk around the school and identifying the different plants we find. We will also be learning about the structure of plants.

In RE we will be learning about religion in Cornwall. We hopefully will look at some celtic crosses in the local area, and dicuss at why we think they are there. 


In Summer Term 2 we will be visiting King Edward Mine and would like to thank the Cornish Heritage Fund for providing us with funding for the coach.


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