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Class 2

Spring Term 1 - To Infinity and Beyond

This term our topic is ‘To Infinity and Beyond!’

We are very excited to be learning about space! Many of the class have brought in non-fiction books so that we can find out facts about space. We were very lucky to be able to go into a planetarium and view the planets and the stars in a different way.

This term we were also lucky to have a dance teacher come and teach us a space dance. We all loved the lessons and particularly liked our space themed dance moves: the black hole, a space frog, a comet and orbiting partners. After only a few lessons we performed our dance for the rest of the school and it went very well.

In Geography we are learning about maps. We have enjoyed learning about continents and are starting to be able to identify them on a world map. We are also going to make our own maps of the school and will make sure we remember to include a key on our maps

In Literacy we learnt how to write a space story. We used a story mountain to make sure that we planned and wrote interesting stories. When we read ‘The Chocolate Planet’ we wrote down interesting words and phrases that we wanted to use in our own writing. Here are some examples that we found: glowing a silky, milky brown, streaky sky, down wobbly paths of jelly stones, blood red eyes.