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Class 3

Spring Term 1 - To Infinity and Beyond

This half term, our topic is Infinity and beyond.

In science we have been learning about the Sun, Moon and the Earth. We have been learning several songs to help us remember facts about our solar system. We have also learnt a song to help us remember the order of the planets closets to the sun.

In our Literacy lessons we have read lots of space stories to help us prepare to write our own story. In order to help us write a story, we are going to write our ideas in a story plan.

In PE we have been learning a space themed dance. This involved making different shapes with our bodies to represent planets, black holes, shooting stars and many more. We performed our dance to the whole school

In Geography we have been looking at maps and globes. We have been learning about the United Kingdom and how it is split into 4 countries. The children are enjoying exploring the maps and are looking forward to making their own map.

In RE we have been learning about Christian and Hindu symbols. We are going to the Church to look at the different religious symbols.