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Class 6

Spring Term 1 - To Infinity and Beyond.

 We have been learning about Space this term. It has been really exciting! Our role-play has been used as a rocket and it also has a space area with lights. We have been using the control panel to travel around, pressing numbers and counting the aliens as we fly

Mrs Butler has been helping us to make paper mache planets. We had to cover the balloons in layers of newspaper and glue. When they are dry we are going to paint them to look like the planets in our Solar System.

Mrs Glover from Bev-Lyn School of Dance in Redruth has been teaching us Dance in PE. We thought about the Native American symbol for the moon and made it with our hands. We are looking forward to performing our dance to the rest of the school in our performance afternoon.

 We have loved bringing in our own books about Space, games, rocket toys and Buzz Lightyear models to share with the class.