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Pupil Premium 2011-2012

During the 2011/2012 academic year our school was allocated £12,040.

The money was used to raise standards primarily in reading and writing. We used the money to provide 1:1 tutoring for individual pupils and small group work.

We also employ a Learning Mentor to work closely with children in order to  reduce barriers to learning. The learning mentor works on raising self esteem, anger management issues and attendance.

We run a Ukulele club for the children in year 2. The money from Pupil Premium was used to provide the Ukuleles.

The hours below were funded using Pupil Premium with the school making up the shortfall from the school’s budget.




Reading Recovery

Daily sessions with a specialised reading

recovery teacher.


Each child makes        accelerated progress. The group made an    average progress of 15 points, compared with the expected 10 points. All children reading level 2 at the end of KS1.

Fun Fit

Daily 25 minute

sessions focusing on  motor skills


Increase in the child’s gross and fine motor skills. Increased concentration in lessons.

Speech and Language



Very few children transfer to the Junior School on the Speech and Language register. The Speech therapist speaks highly of our work.

Learning Mentor


Improved attendance and reduced behavioural issues. Children access the curriculum more successfully.

Ukulele Group


Increased self esteem and enthusiasm for learning.

Total £12,240

Pupil Premium £12,240