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Pupil Premium 2012-2013

During the 2012/2013 academic year our school has been allocated £28,460.

The money has been used to continue to raise standards in reading and writing with 1:1 work. We have continued our Funfit, Speech and Language and Learning Mentor interventions. We have put in place a cookery club alongside our polytunnel and gardening sessions to support our children’s economic wellbeing.

The table below identifies the interventions we have put in place and what percentage of eligible children access each intervention. We have listed the area of impact we expect each intervention to target and will evaluate this during the following Autumn term.


Pupil Premium 12/13

£28460 Total

Actual cost to School

Pupil Premium allocated

% of Eligible Children

Accessing Provision



Reading Recovery




Reading and writing

The children targeted were in the bottom 20% in the county at the end of their reception year.  At the end of the intervention each child made accelerated progress. The group made an average progress of 14 points, compared with the expected 10 points. All children achieved the expected reading level at the end of KS1.

1:1 RWI tuition





All children made accelerated progress and were able to move into a higher reading group at the end of the intervention. All but 2 of the children reached the required level in the Year 1 phonics test.





Gross motor skills

All of the children have made considerable progress in using their fine and gross motor skills.  In many cases this had led to increased concentration in lessons.

Learning Mentor


Parent Liaison





physical and emotional well being,


self esteem,

The parent liaison officer and learning mentor has worked with many children and their families to ensure that they are able to attend school regularly and are able to access the curriculum more easily when they are in lessons.  The attendance of individuals has increased and where it is still of concern the Learning Mentor has worked with the Education Welfare Officer to find a solution.  Behaviour across the school is of a high standard despite the fact that many children have a troubled home life.

Speech and Language




Clearer speech,

better language understanding,


Although a high number of children enter the school with speech and language problems, the work of the speech and language TA means that very few of them leave the school still experiencing problems.

Cookery Club




Healthy lifestyle,

self esteem

The children have learnt basic cooking skills and have been introduced to the principles of healthy eating.  They have all produced lovely results of which they have been justifiably proud.

Polytunnel and gardening




Science especially investigations,

healthy lifestyle,

economic well being

Our end of Key Stage 1 science results are well above the national average due to the work of the highly skilled and experienced TA who leads groups of children through scientific investigations and experiments in the grounds and polytunnel.  The children have grown a variety of fruit and vegetables much of which they have sold and reinvested the profit.  Other items have been used as ingredients in cookery club.





Self esteem,


The choir has successfully taken part in a local music festival as well as sung in the community eg to the elderly.  Children have learnt a great deal about rhythm, pitch and tempo which has helped in their literacy lessons.