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Lived out through Religious Education

Religious Education – All children have the right to choose their own religion and beliefs. Article 14

As a Church of England School, Religious Teaching underpins all of our learning. We value RE as a core subject, which is why our RE curriculum, based around the Cornwall Agreed Syllabus and Understanding Christianity, has been designed to literally be the thread to bind and weave through all other topic-based curriculum teaching. This is implemented through our core Christian values which are explored and taught through our values characters and their values focused stories. See our Values page for more information on this.

As well as Christianity, we also teach Hinduism as our second religion, but we also mark other world events, such as Chinese New Year and Holi, marking world religious festival celebrations on our whole school world map. We practice the right to one’s own beliefs and culture (Article 14; UNCRC).

For our RE Overview and links to British Values and Children's Rights click here