2018 - 2019

Sports Clubs and Dance

Mr Wilkes runs our sports club on a Wednesday after school. The children have been enjoying practising lots of different sports each week. 

On a Monday after school Nick from Sports for Tots, runs his own sports club. During the first half of the year this is open to Year 1 and Year 2 children and after Easter Nick opens this up to Reception children.

Our Head of School runs our Dance club, which has proved hugely popular with the children. 


2017 -2018

Sports Club

Mr Wilkes has been leading the Year 2 club with Miss Dennis. They have been practising football skills and playing team games.  They enjoyed a dance session on Go Noodle!  The children learnt a tricky gymnastics routine and practised it on the mats.  They loved using the new playground markings to make up games outside, including snakes and ladder, target throw, Hundred Square one more/less game and rocket hopscotch on odd and even numbers.  In the Sumer term, the children have enjoyed cricket sessions.



We had a dance expert come to our school to teach us about our topics in PE.  She did Autumn dances with Nursery and Reception and in Year 1 and 2 she did dances around the topic of Me, Myself and I.

We held our first MAT competition of the year in November. It was a multi-skills session.  Penponds retained the Rainbow Cup with the most points scored across the events.  St Meriadoc Infant Academy won the Basketball shot and Troon School won the Teamwork award.

The Year 1's had a Rugby tournament with Troon School as the winners and Reception took part in the Rainbow Olympics with St Meriadoc Infant Academy as the winners.

Mr Wilkes planned a super Sports Day in June.  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the winning team this year was the Red Tomatoes.  We were very lucky with the weather this year!

Miss Dennis and Miss Moss held the first Rainbow MAT sports awards in July 2018.  Children were nominated from all 4 schools and were presented with certificates at Camborne CSIA.  The Athlete of the Year from each school won a trophy.  We look forward to future Rainbow MAT awards ceremonies in the future.


2016 - 2017

Sports Club

Autumn: The Year 2 children have enjoyed learning about gymnastics in Sports Club this term.  They have used the large apparatus to explore ways of travelling and balancing.

Spring: The children have been learning about Netball skills in the club this term.  They have practised passing, shooting and working as a team.

Summer: The Year 2 pupils are now taking part in Nick's club and the Year 1 pupils are attending the Sports club with Miss Dennis and Mrs Richards.


We were excited to welcome pupils from Troon and Penponds to our Multi-skills sports competition this term.  Nick lead the session, which involved several competitive events.  These included: Basketball shot, the Ninja Warrior obstacle course and Messy Bedrooms!  The overall winners of The Rainbow Cup were St Meriadoc Infant Academy!  Well done to all who competed in the tournament and we look for to the next competition in the Spring term.

The next completion in the Spring term had a Paralympic theme.  The games included seated javelin, a guided treasure hunt and seated volleyball.  The winners were Troon School.  Congratulations!

Our school was nominated for the Cornwall Sports Awards CAPH Time 2 Move Primary School Award!  Miss Dennis and Miss Stephens attended the Cornwall Sports Awards evening on 4th November.  We received a special relay baton, thanking us for working hard with local schools to arrange competitive events.

We took part in a Football event with Crowan School in February.  The children competed against each other in a range of games and challenges.  We made some new friends and enjoyed the afternoon session!  We look forward to going back to their school next term.

Our next completion with Troon and Penponds schools will be in June.


2015 - 2016

Sports Club

In Sport’s Club, we have been learning about tag rugby and the basic rules.  We have been playing lots of games to help us improve our throwing and catching.  Each week, we have two tag teams and work together to score tries.  It is important to communicate with each other and we say the person’s name before we throw the ball.  The club is lead by our coach Sean and supported by Mrs Williams and Miss Dennis.

Our SCITT student helped pupils in Year 1 and 2 to develop their gymnastics skills in a lunchtime and after school club.



Our school has competed in several tournaments during the Spring Term against local schools.  Our coaches Nick and Sean have been involved as well as Mrs Williams and Miss Dennis.  Here are the results:

  • Tag-rugby tournament against Trewirgie Infant School.  Trewirgie won ‘The Tin Cup’, 3-1.  The results of each match were so close.  The children in Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were very well behaved.
  • The Multi-Skills Festival was held at Camborne Science and International Academy.  It was lead by Go Active and Hearty Lives.  The Year 2 pupils of St Meriadoc Infant Academy competed against 5 other schools for the cup and we won!  The children were very excited to receive a goody bag and a medal.  Our photo was in the West Briton.
  • Football tournament against Trewirgie Infant School.  The Year 1s enjoyed taking part in this completion.  Trewirgie Infants won ‘The Tin Cup’ again!  The result was 11-8.  Another close match in which the pupils were very respectful towards their new friends. 
  • In April we visited Trewirgie Infant School with Year 1 and 2 pupils to compete in a Gymnastics tournament.  The children were busy practising their moves and stretches for a routine in a lunchtime club with Miss Williams.  Trewergie Infants won with a 4 point lead.  It was a very close competition and the feedback from the judge was very positive. 
  • Sports Day was a huge success and the weather was very kind to us!  Each year group did a rotation of activities, including individual and team events.  The Yellow Bananas won for their representative country Ghana with the most points overall.