Welcome to Swan Class.

Our teacher is Miss Coomber and our teaching assistant is called Miss Barry, we have 28 children in our class.  In our class we have lots of lovely learning areas we like to visit:-

-We like to read books in our book corner.

-We like to act out stories in our role-play area.

-Our class like to paint pictures in the creative area.

-We like to build models with the construction sets.

-We like to draw, colour in and cut out our pictures on the writing table.

Outside we like to explore the sandpit and water tray. Climbing trees and using the see-saw on our grassy area is fun!

We really enjoy our PE lessons on Mondays with Nick from Sports For Tots. We choose a new library book on a Monday and this will be collected in on a Friday.

This term our topic is called "Magical Mystery Tour" and we are learning about journeys.

We decided we would like a campsite in our role-play area and enjoy packing up the things we need in our rucksacks to get in the car to drive there.  When we arrive we enjoy pretending to cook in the open air on our barbecue. We also like to spot local animals through our binoculars.

We have been learning about which objects float and sink and have designed, made and tested our own boats from recycled materials.

We have learnt about important Cornish saints and the journeys they made.  After learning about St Piran we made Cornish flags which we waved proudly.

Autumn term Flip book!