Our mathematics curriculum is taught through child-led real-life mastery experiences in EYFS and in KS1 we deliver the DFE approved mastery Power Maths programme. New mathematical ideas are introduced with lots of hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) at St Meriadoc which gives our children an opportunity to learn about design, construction, science and entrepreneurial factions by being real inventors, designers, investigators and problem solvers.

Children are taught following the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract teaching sequence, moving onto the next stage when secure and confident. We endeavour to enrich and broaden current understanding rather than extend.  Lindsey Dennis is now a Maths Mastery Specialist supporting other schools with the Maths Hub.

Maths is a focal point in our school from our 2-year-old nursery upwards, with Maths role-play and the opportunity to develop maths mastery techniques such as variation from an early age.

Power Maths offers children weekly problem-solving investigations to develop their conceptual understanding enabling them to apply their skills to different problems. We practice mental arithmetic daily and explicitly teach strategies for calculation with a focus on pictorial representation initially, before moving on to mental methods, jottings and formal written methods.

We have developed Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFS) across the school which are based on our NCETM Fluency programme, Mastering Number. These are sent home every half term - see below.

You can also download our Mathematics and Mental Mathematics Skills Progression Components document and Calculation policies too.