Reception - Nick Sharratt

Welcome to Nick Sharratt Class!

Our Teacher is Miss Dennis and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Barley, Miss Fifield and Miss Bradley. 

 In our class we have lots of lovely learning areas that we like to visit:-

-We like to read books in our Reading Area.

-We like to act out stories in our Small World Area.

- We like to build in our Construction Area

-We like to explore the Sand and Water Areas, using tools and objects.

-We like to draw, colour in and cut out our pictures on the Writing table.

In the Outside Area, we like to explore the sandpit and water trays. climbing trees and using the loose parts on our grassy area is fun!

We really enjoy our PE lessons with Nick from Sports For Tots. We choose a new library book on Fridays.

This term our topic is called "Once upon a time".

Each week, we have a new story to explore in Drawing Club.  We learn new vocabulary and think about our code words and numbers when drawing characters, settings and adventures. 

We are learning about different authors, including Beatrix Potter, Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt.


We will visit the park to look at how the trees have changed since the autumn and collecting sticks to make our own stick people.