Wider Curriculum Subjects

All of our wider curriculum subjects are taught through subject specific weeks, which ensures that each subject has equal weight and importance at St Meriadoc. These subjects are taught through our cross-curricular topic approach and our memory focused weeks ensures repetition and embedding of skills is not compartmentalised by learners.

Design and Technology is taught explicitly as Design and Technology, is linked through our Art teaching and is also taught through our focused STEM work. Design and Technology is a highly valued subject. Children are involved in designing, making and evaluating their creations. All work has a set purpose linked to aspirational living or topic development. Children are taught to use tools correctly and safely.

Outdoor learning and use of tools through Forest School is now part of The Blossom Curriculum. Food technology is a major part of our work, linked to healthy lifestyles, with children in the Early Years generally cook weekly. All children are involved in sustainable living lessons through gardening in our raised beds and polytunnel on a weekly basis also. Children in the summer term also hold a garden shop to sell their self-grown produce. Children use their self-grown produce in their food technology lessons throughout the summer term. 

In Art children have opportunities to draw, paint, print, make collages, use fabrics and threads and use clay. They are taught the skills and techniques and are then given the opportunity to practise them to produce individual and group pieces of work. Children keep art scrapbooks, which travel with them through the school, which track their progress in art over time and allows children to look back, to use prior learnt techniques in their pieces. Children work with external artists throughout the year to draw on their expertise. As part of The Blossom Curriculum, children study artists from history and current exhibitors. Children are encouraged to critically evaluate their own work and that of others in order to learn from their experiences. We are very proud of our art work at St Meriadoc and regularly present our efforts to the local community at celebrations such as Trevithick Day.

Music and drama is a key part of our curriculum offer and is taught through topic learning. Music is taught using Rainbow Pond resources in the younger years. Music is taught in music specific weeks to focus on musical skills and knowledge components as well as used as a tool to support the memory work of facts gained in other subjects, such as using rhythm body percussion and songs to store facts into the long-term memory. There are specific musical works and pieces that are listed and linked to each termly topic on the long-term planning document for the immersion in topic and as a long-term memory strategy connection. We have many musical clubs such as ukulele, choir and samba taught by talented musical teachers. Our choir and samba support local community events such as Trevithick Day. We currently have Rocksteady visiting school each week to offer peripatetic ensemble lessons, where children learn to play guitar, drums, keyboards and vocals as part of a rock band. Performing and visual arts also play a significant part within our curriculum with an EYFS and KS1 Christmas nativity and a summer musical leaver’s production for Year 2 children. As part of the Rainbow Multi Academy Trust we take part in an arts gala once a year, where children perform with other children from the MAT at the Regal Theatre.

Computers and other IT can help pupils make accelerated progress. We support pupils to develop their skills such as researching, typing, editing and artistic skills. These skills as with all of our Foundation subject teaching are taught in explicit Computing weeks as well as using these skills in cross-curricular work. Children use Macbooks and iPads to support their Computing. Internet safety is taught explicitly every half term and children are reminded of this prior learning every time they go online in school.

Physical Education is where our children participate in all activities supported by partnership with Sports4Tots.

The aim of physical education is to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles. Children are taught to observe the conventions of fair play, honest competition and good sporting behaviour as individual participants, team members and spectators. Children take part in games, gymnastic movement, dance and athletic activities using indoor and outdoor environments where appropriate. Children can take part in after school clubs and have the opportunity to compete against other schools. Children have swimming lessons in year 1.

Physical education is seen as key to developing healthy lifestyles in young people and we provide a wide array of opportunities to develop this and sporting skills outside of the normal curriculum time. At lunchtime we have dedicated play facilitator who generates games with the children. We take part in the Daily Mile, use Go-Noodle and Five-a-day Fitness resources.